Jose Maria Pechito Lopez | FIA WTCC World Champion
Official website of José María "Pechito" López, 2014 FIA WTCC World Champion
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"José María López is a great World Champion, for Citroën, for Argentina and for the FIA WTCC! We are happy and proud to have helped him win the title. He’s a guy who shines as much for his performances as for his human qualities."

Yves Matton, Citroën Racing Director

"A big hug and congratulations for this great achievement. It is a well-deserved title that rewards both your effort and personal abilities. All Argentine feel proud of this success and especially those of us who know how difficult it is to shine at this level of competition."

Carlos Reutemann

"The first thing to say about Pechito is that he is a hard worker and a top professional. He impressed us straight away by his ability to work with engineers, giving very sharp feedback and perfectly interpreting technical data. He is also very meticulous in preparing races, studying data and footage, and training on simulator. He might be an extremely nice person, he is very demanding when it comes to work, with himself and with us. The second thing I would point out is his driving style, always to the limit, always testing the limits of the car. It shows on all data and on-board images, he drives the C-Elysée like an F1, swinging from understeer to oversteer. And, thirdly, he is extremely fast in finding top pace, taking an extra risk if needed. He has courage and is extremely effective. See how fast he can climb through the field in any Race 2, or how precise he is in overtaking. He rarely needs to attempt twice, generally his first attack is successful. Really, a great champion!"

Xavier Mestelan-Pinon, Technical Director Citroën Racing

"I sincerely congratulate López, because what he achieved this year is really impressive. I think he brought the level in WTCC a few steps forward… I have big respect for him, he is so fast and so good, and at the same time, he is a very pleasant guy. He fully deserved this title. What impressed me the most is that he is such a complete driver and the way he manages his races, how consistent and effective he is. It is something that I spotted immediately, because it seems to be intrinsic to his driving style and his general attitude. I saw him driving for the first time in February, during a joint testing session, and watching him said to myself: this is the guy to beat this year…"

Norbert Michelisz, Zengö Motorsport driver

"I must have been one of the very few who predicted that López would win the title. I said it before the first race started! I’ve been around enough in motorsports to be able to guess these things and even bet on him with my wife. Why? Simply because he was the underdog: the fast and strong guy coming from nowhere, with no pressure and no history in WTCC, a non-French in a French team. He started from a white sheet of paper, did everything right and imposed himself. He has the speed and the right mind-set of someone still young and hungry. Perfect mix. Of course, it worked because he was in a very professional and competitive team, but… well done! And don’t forget that for many years, he has been racing 45 weekends a season in very competitive and closely-fought touring car series like Argentina’s, with cars that have similar power and aero package as ours. That taught him something, I guess…"

Tom Coronel, ROAL Motorsport driver

"As they say in France: ‘Chapeau!’ One can only take his cap off and bow in front of such an achievement. What López has done, in his first full WTCC season, working in an environment completely new to him, not knowing most of the circuits, is simply impressive. One must be really top class to come and just beat everybody, including the king of the category like Yvan. Of course, we knew that Pechito was fast and good, and I personally know him since we raced against each other in junior formulae and were together in Renault’s Driver Development programme, but still, I would have never predicted such a success. I believe that the experience and know-how acquired in Argentine touring cars has been instrumental in bringing him so quickly at the top level."

Tiago Monteiro, Castrol Honda driver

"I am very happy about José María López becoming WTCC champion, not only because he is a dear friend, but also and foremost because it is a recognition for the entire Argentine racing community and something we can be proud of. It means that Argentine motorsports can be again at the top in the world, after so many years. We know he had the best car and perfect conditions at Citroën, but his merits are significant, because he beat every other driver, including his two highly competitive and acclaimed team-mates. I am happy that he got this chance to shine in WTCC, after his F1 plans got truncated in the frustrating way they were. As a rival, he is a very difficult driver to beat, although it is a pleasure to compete against him because he is a very fair driver. In Termas, last year, I had the pleasure to duel with him in a TRV6 race. We fought very closely, being never split by more than a second or a few centimetres. I am sure that the time he spent racing in touring cars in Argentina, competing almost every weekend, has been instrumental in making of him a better touring car driver, and this is quite flattering with regard to the level of Argentine motorsport."

Norberto Fontana, former F1 driver and TC2000 Champion

"What I want to stress about López is not only his undisputable talent as a racing driver, but also his human qualities. It is always heart-warming when you see these two aspects combined in one same person, that’s what makes a true Champion. I know what I am talking about because I had the opportunity to known him well, as I was his team manager at Honda when he came back to Argentina to compete in TC2000. I was impressed by his serious and professional approach and his integrity. He fully deserved the WTCC title also for what he is out of a racetrack. Pechito has come a long way, he left his home very young to go racing in Europe and had to work hard to climb the ladders. It is nice to see, especially in the current tough times for our country, that someone like him is ambassador of Argentine motorsport, proving that, with talent, efforts and perseverance, one can succeed at global level. I warmly congratulate and thank him for that."

Oscar Larrauri, former F1 driver and SudAm Super Touring champion
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